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Get the Spring hair trend: Watercolor hair

Getting stuck in the same routine day after day is never a good thing – in life or with your style and appearance.

If you never thought you would have pink, purple and light blue hair or if you haven’t heard of the new hair trend, Watercolors, well this is it! It’s a trend that’s been sweeping the beauty world!


The new Color Sync Watercolors collection of demi-permanent pastel colors. They wash out in about 20 washes – perfect for someone who loves a temporary change (and doesn’t want to ruin their blonde locks). Do like balayage – starting from the middle and more towards the ends, very piecey, uneven and sort of like an abstract work of art. Once the color was done, if you felt like needed a messy rock star look, use the new Style Link Minerals collection to add some texture. Some of my favorites were the Rough Me Up salt infused spray for the messy beach waves and Play Back dry shampoo – my trick for extra volume.