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Eye makeup tips for a night out

Year-end parties is also the time to show off your best look including both an impressive dress and make-up style. 

There’s no doubt that traditional black eye-liner is one of the most beauty inventions of all times. We know it is our best beauty ally ever, but still, it can be boring if we go for the same look too many times. Making a small, easy change or just get inspiration from the Fall Winter 2016-2017 shows, and choose new details to focus on to enhance your beauty on your next night out. If you are invited to a dinner, we definitely recommend focusing on your eyes; if you are going out for a drink, concentrate on your lips by wearing your favorite long lasting lipstick. Once you have everything on point, enjoy yourself as the queen of the night!

Feminine and elegant eyeshades

Interesting highlight with your sharpen eyelashes  

Neon light by the eyes! Let’s rule your look. 

Never forget the smoky, charming eyeshades, this is your weapon at any occasions