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Easiest Valentine’s Day hair ideas

Get your hair from office-appropriate to date-ready in less time than it takes.

1. Slicked back

Wet down the top of your hair, brush it back, and then work a styling gel through it until it’s fully coated

2. Barely-there braid

A low braid, tied off with some ribbon or string, is as pretty as it is effortless.

3. Fuzzy bun
If you’ve been rocking a topknot all day, just pull-out a few face-framing pieces before you end the night with a romantic date.

4. Loose curls

It’s one of the rules of curls to never brush through them, but Chanel Iman is making a case for looser, fluffier curls.

5. Volume all over
Like something out of a Victorian romance novel, actress Haley Bennett’s bouncy curls are as soft and flirty as they come.

6. Messy waves

Using a tapered curling iron, create loose bends by curling them in opposite directions. This makes the waves look purposefully tousled.

7. Top it off

Nothing elevates a basic hairstyle to something more romantic like a sparkly headband, as seen here on Emily Blunt.

8. Sleek waves
These shiny waves on Adriana Lima reference the Old Hollywood type but are a lot less rigid and time-consuming.

9. Half-up with a bow

A half-up style can be worn anytime, anywhere—but topped off with a silky ribbon and a matte red lipstick, the style becomes hopelessly romantic.