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Here’s six ways to do the updo – perfect for a style update, and even more perfect for Singapore’s hot weather.

As much as we like to let our hair down (both figuratively and literally), sometimes the weather in Singapore is too damn hot for that. A ponytail is always a good option, but nothing keeps heat away like a good updo. But you don’t have to look like you’re headed to the gym with a top-knot. Here are a few ways to style your updos, as seen on Korean celebrities.

Song Hye Kyo

Opt for wispy fringe, while pulling your hair back in a low bun. Pull out a small section on each side (you might have to trim it if it’s too long) and curl them to frame your face.


Park Bo Young


To add texture to your bun, curl your hair before putting it up into a chignon. This works especially well for fine or stick-straight hair that might not be able to hold a bun.


Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany


To achieve this hairstyle, separate your bangs from the rest of your hair and pin it in place. Then, flip your hair upside down and gather it at the top of your head to create the high bun. Unpin your bangs and set with hair roller or straightener.


Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon


Follow the previous step to create the top-knot. Then, tease your fringe before pinning it back so that it won’t look too flat.


TWICE’s Momo


Feeling like Baby Spice? Wear two top knots on your head. To make each bun look more voluminous, use the sharp end of a rat-tail comb to loosen the bun to create the illusion of a bigger top-knot. Alternatively, tie your hair into two high ponytails, then tease each ponytail before bunning them up.




Going for a formal event but can’t stand the heat? Wear a high bun and keep your face fringe-free. Pull a small section from your sideburns and curl them for an elegant finish.

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