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Different prom dresses to suit your shape

Spring festivals are our favorite nights when you get to dress up with all your best friends and get to dance all night long! You want to be looking and feeling your best, so dressing for your shape will be the key to a flattering look.

1. Apple

If you’re a typical apple shape your shoulders are broad and your legs are fabulous, you’re one of the key body shapes that can really rock a short skirt for prom. Anything with a lower neckline or v-neck will help to elongate your body, and monochrome colours will work well to balance out your figure.

2. Pear

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, aim to show off your shoulders and cinch in your waist. Anything strapless or with a sweetheart neckline will look pretty and feminine, while ruffles on top will balance your shape out as well. Pointy shoes will elongate your legs, and anything high-waist will emphasize your waist.

3. Wedge

A wedge shape is essentially pear shaped… but flipped. Your shoulders are broader than your hips and waist, so it’s key for you to focus on your lower body to balance out the upper half. Full skirts and a high-waist to create a waistline are perfect – reach for A-line, fit’n’flare and skater skirts.

4. Rectangle

If your shoulders, hips and waist are all a similar width, you fit into the rectangle category. Create the illusion of curves using scoop necks and ruffles. Play around with bright colours and patterns, layer away or more statement dresses and pull it off with style.

5. Hourglass

Your shoulders and hips are a similar width, but your waist is much smaller. Rock what you have and aim to accentuate your curves – tight wrap dresses are your best friend, and anything high-waisted to show off your perfect little waist.