Dance The Way You Feel

With leotards and bodysuits getting back into the game, with ballerina poses that could make you lose your breath for a moment. Each pose is not just imaginatively artistic, but incredibly controlled, bringing deep majesty into each of her photographs. 


Form and function is just as important as fanciness when it comes to dance or dance-inspired attire. Gilbert shakes things up with CK’s range of colorful sportbras, Nike gear and Adidas sweats abound for those casual warm-up, work-out and cool-down days. Get inspired for your next dance or work-out routine with these pirouette-friendly looks!

I modeled this teenie weenie polka dot leotard with my boyfriend in Malibu at sunrise.

There were a few people there trying to get a fishing rod out of a bird’s neck. We helped them out and finally set her free. It was the sweetest thing because she even let us pet her, knowing we saved her life. We named her Sapphire.

Get sporty with your leaps in Adidas sweatpants, sneaks and Brandy Melville basics.

There’s incredible power and beauty in the art form that is ballet, adequately captured with this Nike bralette and striking tutu from Capezio.

“You may say I’m a dreamer.” Chasing after those dreams in a bralette from Nasty Gal and a white princess tutu.

The stunning result of hours upon days of grueling practice routines in the studio.

Romance is an essential part of ballet, channeled here with delicate pink lace.

“Sunshine, I can call you my baby boy.” Don’t be afraid to go bright this summer!

Patterned rompers are a fun and whimsical item to flow in.

Metallic American Apparel makes me feel golden at heart and full of energy.