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Three reasons to give this trick a go…

Next time you make a cup of coffee, don’t throw away the used grounds – but keep them in a container for your plants. The reason, quite simply, is that coffee grounds can transform your garden.

1. Coffee deters slugs
According to Peter Burks, horticultural expert at Potter & Rest, coffee grounds deter slugs and snails. 

Slugs and snails don’t like moving over coffee, so putting some coffee around the base of your plant can help keep the pests away.


2. Coffee can be used as a fertiliser
Coffee grounds are high in nutrient and can be used as a plant fertiliser, helping them grow, says plant expert and founder of BloomBox Club, Katie Gilbert


3. Coffee can change the colour of your flowers
‘Coffee, being acidic, will also alter the pH of the soil and so in turn (depending on volume used and the original pH of the soil) can turn hyndrangeas blue,’ explains Peter. 

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