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Christmas Nail Art Tutorial


It’s the perfect look to rock your Christmas party or just to add a little bit of glam to your everyday look. Together with Miss Selfridge, let’s talk about Christmas reds, sparkling gold and all things good.

You Will Need:

Sơn nền
Sơn màu đỏ
Sơn màu vàng gold
Sơn kim tuyến màu vàng
Sơn bóng
Kéo nhỏ
Hình dán móng

How To:

Shape and prep nails as usual and apply a thin layer of base coat to each nail. Paint your ring finger and index finger with a thin layer of gold polish and then paint then rest with the red. Paint a second layer, leave for around a minute and then take your gold glitter and paint a thin layer over each of the gold nails.

While you’re waiting for your nails to dry, pick out the Nailcals you would like to use and think about how you’re going to place them. Once your nails are touch dry, take a pair of scissors and cut out your chosen designs.

Hold each Nailcal in water for around 5 seconds and then let the water soak in for around 10. Place the Nailcal face down on your nail like a temporary tattoo (they can also be used on skin as cuticle tattoos!) and swipe off. Press down gently with your finger to eliminate any air bubbles and excess water. For the thumb design, cut the design strips so that they’re slightly larger than your nail and let them overhang when you place them. Dip a cotton bud, or an angled brush in some nail polish remover and swipe it around your nails, the Nailcal will melt like magic where it’s not touching the polish!

Finish off with a coat.