Chocolate & Mezcal: A Perfect Pairing

There are two ways you can arrange a pairing: the first is by combining flavors that are similar to accentuate the obvious flavors found in the spirit. The second, is by choosing contrasting flavors to bring out “hidden” flavors or elements that are acquired throughout the production process of the spirit.

Chocolate goes particularly well with mezcal because both of these are cultural and flavor elements with origins that can be traced back to Mexico. Additionally, chocolate and mezcal must both be fermented to develop their flavor.

If you’ve ever had a sip of mezcal followed immediately with a bite of dark chocolate, you’ve probably notices a burst of flavors and aromas and then felt yourself start to salivate and crave the next sip and bite. Both can have that magical power over a person. The particular notes present in chocolate complement the complex smoky, firewood and fruity notes found in mezcal.

After you select your mezcals, it’s time to choose your chocolate. There are so many craft chocolate on the market that you can purchase at your local store. Brands like the Mast Brothers offer flavors in smoke, sea salt, coffee and vanilla that pair perfectly with mezcal. Each flavor with evoke different complexities in your mezcal. Other flavors with citrus or ripe fruits like orange peel, mango, and berries are also a great choice.