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Chinh phục 4 kiểu giày phải có cho chàng chuẩn men

Fashion designers have preserved a gorgeous shoes series only for men as an expensive highlight on daily outfit.  

If men’s clothing is a bit boring with just basic items like shirts, tees, trousers and jeans, then God has born a list of different shoes styles only for them to mix & match with whatever they want. Let’s check out following 4 must-have shoes in this summer.


Although moccasins are concerned to be impromptu, but when they are designed with hard sole and real leather, they shall be ready to be with you to the meeting room.

Moccasins look best when pairing with jeans or khaki for a relaxed weekend, or you can be very elegant when wearing them with a trousers.


Tassel loafers

Pedro loafers are the brilliant choice for those who want their tassel loafers to be classy and elegant at the same time.

Simple and streamlined cuts making the shoes’ color a central focus; you can mix and match this chic design with any items from smart suit to liberal khaki set.


Oxford shoes

Choose to be faithful with the oxford style in creative two-colored tone. This design surely will enhance the appeal of the whole outfit, yet delicate.


The unique color palette of Pedro oxford leather shoes makes it easy to mix and match with thee wardrobe of any urban men. This design is thought to be a fresh innovation to your personal style.


Derby shoes


Derby shoes has opened upper part while oxford shoes has closed one, this is the significant detail to identify the two styles.


Derby shoes often feature detailed prints and motifs, which deliver a sense of nostalgia. Mixing derby with a tee, trousers or blazer shall make you more standout in the summer.

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