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Change your shampoo for the upcoming winter


Just like with skin care, you should change shampoo with the seasons. When the weather changes and your hair have a tendency to get out of shape, swap out the volumizing formulas with more moisturizing or reparative picks.

Low temperatures and humidity can dry out hair, making it brittle and listless. Hair loss also increases during the winter due to nutrient deprivation in the hair root, so regardless of the hair type, extra-moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can lock in hydration and ensure nurturing of the hair.

Also, humidity causes hair to swell and frizz, but the dry, winter climate often makes hair flat. Therefore, if you swap out your shampoo, you combat static and dryness at the source. One other solution if you’re married to the same shampoo all year-round, use more moisturizing products, like hair mask, oil or cream, when you’re out of the shower.