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Celebs Spill On Their Worst Valentine’s Day

Celebs share what their memorable V-Day stories are. Most of them had been through as many traumatically embarrassing holidays as the rest of us.

1. Jessica Biel


“In fourth grade, I made the big huge card for a boy. I found it in the trash later in the day. It’s cool. It’s fine. I feel like I am better for it…not that I’m still thinking about it or anything.”

2. Lauren Conrad


“In high school, I remember me and my friend were dating best friends and we went to a restaurant and we decorated the table and had presents waiting and had them meet us there on Valentine’s Day and my date showed up drunk! I was really bummed. I put hours of work into it and he showed up drunk.”

3. Imogen Poots


“I remember there was a guy in high school who asked me out for Valentine’s dinner. I remember standing there being like, ‘Okay! Sure! Yeah, sure, I’m in!’ Then, come the day of, I didn’t want to go. He had a massive beard. It was all very odd… This guy didn’t know what was happening. I remember I hid in the art room and had a friend tell him I wasn’t making the dinner. It was super awkward because we had another year of school together. I tried to brush it off claiming something came up. I dunno.”

4. Sarah Hyland


“I’m always working on Valentine’s Day! And, if I’m not working, I’ll try to plan something like a romantic dinner, but then the plumbing breaks or the tubs fill with sewage. There’s always something happening on Valentine’s Day.”

5. Zac Efron


“I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.”