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“Blorange” Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram


Dusty rose and coppery red dominated last year, but get ready, because they’re something far brighter on the hair horizon.

While we saw a handful of celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley Benson are jumping on the pastel bandwagon, and others going full redhead in spades, 2017 is bringing us a more whimsical version of these hair trends. Enter: blorange.


It’s basically a sunset on your head — a mash up of blond and orange that looks exactly like a tropical drink. To be honest, it’s basically just an updated version of the rosé trend that we came to know, love, and see everywhere last year. Except this time, redder tones are emphasized, making it particularly flattering for fair and golden skin tones.

If going for a full head of “blorange” makes you nervous, opt for a more-subtle ombré effect instead. The grow out with be easier and it will be less damaging to hair.


Can’t quite escape your love for pink? We suggest slowly transitioning your hair to the redder hue while maintaining your dark roots, like you see here.


No matter your length or hair type, this vibrant shade will slay.


This faded option is cotton candy hair perfection.