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Best of the best Tulip fields in the world

Move over, cherry blossoms. Even though these pink flowers have been part of some of our most cherished moments of spring, we’re about to convince you to jump on a different bandwagon. Tulips also bloom when the weather warms up and they come in every color of the rainbow.

Dutch tulips are famous — and for good reason. If you want to try see these flowers during their peak season, take a flight to the Netherlands between the end of March and the middle of May.

One of the most famous destinations during tulip time is Keukenhof, which means the “Garden of Europe” and is shown above in all its purple glory.

Visitors who want to see the expansive fields can take tulip cruises or bicycle tours around the gardens. Personally, we’d go the bike route so we could stop and take Instagram snaps as much as we want.

We hate to play favorites, but these pink rows are absolutely stunning. How much fun would it be to take a nature walk to your favorite color, then lay down amongst the rows in the warm sun?

Aerial views of the fields make each color look like a different square in a cheerful hand-sewn quilt.

The fields in Konya, Turkey are just as stunning — especially when seen during sunset when the tulips are at their peak.

Call it a hunch, but we have a feeling this farmer’s favorite color is red. Apparently, tulips in this shade represents true love.

Since these flowers have over 150 specials and 3,000 varieties, it’s safe to say you’ll get a unique experience no matter which European field you visit. But why not prove it by visiting ’em all?