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Best Minimalist Bedrooms That’ll Inspire Your Inner Decor Nerd

In theory, your bedroom should be a sanctuary of calm, complete with 600-thread-count sheets and candle-and-coffee-table-book vignettes and sheepskin throw blankets laying on the bed just so. In practice, however, it’s more like a dumping ground for clean laundry and discarded would-be outfits that accumulate throughout the week.

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

White will bring you peace and relaxing time.

Live in a room full of light.

Sleep is the medicine after hard working days.

Adding some natural stuff to your room will make your life greener.

“Sleep solves everything.”

The painting can make your place more inspiring and sophisticated.

You don’t need a large room, all you need is a huge bed.

Place your bed right so you can see sunshine whenever waking up.

Put some candles and light for your private lot.