Best Men Haircuts of All Time

Beauty tips for stylist men will stun you.

Some men get their hair cut; other men are their haircut. From Dylan and James Dean to Harry Styles’s hairstyle, we humbly bow before their flowing locks.

River Phoenix – The Matinee Idol

Untamed by grooming products, it revealed itself to be an unconquerable organism that looked like it could grow three inches a day. What impressed you wasn’t just the boar-bristle-brush-density of his hair, each strand seemed to be leaping out of his scalp to exposure itself to the world.

Bob Dylan – The Full Bohemian


As he morphed from earnest folkie to counterculture prophet, his hair grew from a tufted thatch to a mushroom cloud. And he was gloriously, characteristically weirdo-poetic about it: “All this talk about long hair is just a trick”.

Michael Jordan – The Mr. Clean


Jordan boldly shaved his head clean and suddenly looked even more athletic. The curves of his smooth dome mirrored those of his biceps. The effect was greatest when he sweated, which made him look as if he had been carved from marble and polished to a high sheen.

Harry Styles – The Wave Runner


Do: Have it trimmed every three months (yes, even if you’re growing it out). When your hair is this long, the ends can get dry and damaged. If your hair is thick, ask for subtle layers to remove weight and density. Style with a grooming cream and sea-salt spray
Don’t: Shampoo every day. Try every three days instead.

Bob Marley & The Weekend – The Past and Future Dreads


So there’s Bob Marley letting the locks of the hair of his head grow. He was saying: I am a believer. Look at God.
Then there’s The Weekend, still young, coming out of anonymity and the Toronto shadows, finally ready to put a face to his name, wearing his hair like a crown made from coral. “I want to be remembered as iconic and different,” he told Rolling Stone last year. He was saying: Look at me.

Sly Stone – The Radical Natural


Instead of growing down, you grew wide, in every direction, like the rays of the sun, allowing the curls of your natural hair to dictate its shape, gloriously unrestrained. Sly was already a musical prodigy when he made his first foray as a clean-cut teenager singing doo-wop. But it wasn’t until he grew out his hair that he transformed into a pioneer of psychedelic soul.

Larry David – Unexpected Hair Gods


There’s a saying that “The bald man is the better lover”. First, you have the appreciation factor. The bald man is so thrilled that he’ll do anything and everything, and all with tremendous gusto.