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Beam yourself to the future with holographic makeup

The beauty trend we cannot ignore is holographic makeup this year – a.k.a. duo-chrome, in which metallic colors create visual effects that look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The look is most definitely futuristic, and definitely attracts attention. The reflections created by creams and powders are so colorful that you will notice your makeup change color with every movement, if you change the angle of your head while close to a source of light. Highlighters are the best product to try this trend, they will really look like a rainbow once you apply them on your cheekbones.

The trend goes even beyond that, and it works very well as manicure. Just look for the hashtag #holographicnails to check it out! The procedure to obtain this kind of polish is rather simple, but it requires a bit of skill: start with a semi-permanent classic gel manicure, and as a second step, apply some adhesive topcoat. Finish the style by applying holographic powder from a professional store!

The cool thing about this trend, both in its makeup and manicure forms, is that it encourages us all to release our inner unicorn, bend the rules, experiment, and feel like real artists, if you will.