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A Face Massage is Like Pilates for Your Cheeks

1. Effleurage! This massage de-puffs the face and engages lymphatic drainage. Repeat each move at least five times in the morning. If you have more time at night, repeat 15-20 times. (You will not want to stop. Promise.)


Start by smoothing out the lymph area under your chin and jaw, working upward. Always upward! Once you’ve done this five times, set your hands right below your cheekbones and repeat this upward movement again.


For the area around your eyes and tops of your cheekbones, maintain pressure but switch to your fingertips like Erica is doing below.


Move your fingers toward the back of your head and upward. Repeat five times on both sides.

Forehead time. Swipe up from the brow to your crown with a comfortable pressure.


2. Stimulate the pressure points on your face — a godsend to anyone with allergies.

Use your index fingers to press into the following areas for five to seconds, followed by alternate rotaries on each point. (So, press and rub your fingers in a backward circular motion as demonstrated below.)

-Right under the thickest part of your eyebrow

-Just below your nostrils

-On top of your cheekbones, just below the outer corners of your eyes

-Your temples

-The area that covers your gums, just below the apples of your cheeks

-And the sideburn area by your ears


3. Lift the skin, awaken the muscles and smack the toxins away! (This is a great way to energize your skin in the morning when it’s looking blah. Gets the oxygen going.)

Wipe your skin in a circular, patting motion on both cheeks. Again, up, up, up!

Repeat on your forehead, just between your eyebrows, and focus where you get little frown lines.


4. Finally, pinch! Pinch all around your eyes and cheeks quickly for 15 to 20 seconds in each area to stimulate the skin and reduce the appearance of crows feet, random stress wrinkles, puffy lumps and fine lines. Again, pinch UP.

Up, my friends! Erica is doing it a bit too downward here so take a look at this in order to master the pinching fingers and then say it with me ONE MORE TIME…