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9 things every girl needs for an epic summer

If you’re blessed enough to have a summer time, you know it’s not just a vacation from real life and responsibilities. It’s when you live your absolute best life. From outfit essentials to Instagram #goals, here’s what you need to have the ultimate spring break.

1. Your BFFs. Spring break squad goals are the best squad goals. BLESSED.

2. Cute outfits. Normally, you’re dressed in a combination of toothpaste-stained graphic T-shirts and grungy yoga pants. Spring break is the time to pull out your most print-astic outfits for a colorful #OOTD snap. Fresh coconut water doesn’t hurt either.

3. Picture-perfect food. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you stop taking drool-worthy aerial pics of your meals. If you didn’t ‘gram your brunch, did you even?

4. Palm trees — and lots of them. So many fronds, so little space in your camera roll.

5. Cruiser bikes that say you’re sporty-but-not-really. You’re not about that sweat life on vacation but you still want to get in some light cardio because ~FiTneSs~

6. A pool. It’s not a real vacation unless a pool is involved. Ideally it’s totally empty so you and your girls can have a private pool party.

7. Oversize animal pool floats. Floaties have seriously evolved from the foam tubes you clung on to for dear life when you were young. As the saying goes, it’s not a pool party until a flamingo named Esmerelda shows up.

8. Magic hour sunsets. Sunsets always look prettier when you’re on vacation instead of being cooped up in the office,

9. Boat snaps that look straight out of a music video. Is this real life?