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8 Chic Design Tips to Take Your Home Into the Winter Season

From touches of fur to moody floral wallpaper, ensure that your decor will keep you feeling cozy and chic all season long.

1. Pattern Play

Patterns in darker hues like leopard print or moody floral are anything but dreary in the winter season and help bring a point of interest to any space.

2. Color Pop

A pop of color doesn’t solely need to be reserved for warmer seasons. Blush and green tones in luxe fabrics, or warm oranges and reds feel perfectly at home in the winter.

3. Dose of Fur

Add a fur throw to your bed, couch or kitchen chairs for a tactile element of luxe.

4. Moody Lamp

A simple way to winterize your room is by switching out light lampshades for darker counterparts. The result? A super warm glow.

5. Gilded Extras

A touch of gold from a mantel mirror or table top pieces renders a warm vibe that’s ideal for winter.

6. Layered Rug

As we layer up our sweaters and coats to combat the cold weather, why not do the same for your floor?

7. Velvet Touch

Add velvet pieces to your lounge space in opulent blues and jewel tones that are ideal for the cool weather months.

8. Dark Drapes

Another easy, winter decor tip is to replace your light curtains with black, blue or gray ones in heavier fabrics. This brings warmth both visually and literally.