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7 Ways to Shake Up Your Makeup in 2017

Makeup in 2017 is taking an unexpected turn, with classic looks veering intentionally off-track. Potent red lips become blurry around the edges, rosy blush travels toward the temples, and black liner wanders aimlessly over the lids, like a GPS with no signal. The result is fresh, nervy, and strangely liberating.

1. The New Red Lipstick: Blurry

For the softest, most natural effect, lose the lip pencil and tap on a creamy red bullet, rolling a cotton swab along the outer edges to diffuse any sharp lines.


2. The New Black Eyeliner: Squiggly

Hugging the curve of your lash line is safe and precise. A wavy, undulating wing that extends past the outer corner is playful and chic.


3. The New Nude: Glossy

After applying a thin coat of nude gloss to your lips, head north. Dabbed on cheekbones and slicked over lids, a sheer, shimmer-free formula creates a spare, uniform glow.


4. The New Blue: Thick, Bold, and Out-There

This cool turquoise shadow floats far above the creases, highlighting perfectly arched eyebrows in a totally new way.


5. The New Blush: Higher Than Ever

Swirling powder blush from the cheekbones to the temples creates a bold, sculptural effect.


6. The New Metallic: Over and Under

Move silver shadow from your lids to your lashes, rimming the eyes and saturating the tips. Skip mascara entirely for a cool, metallic flash every time you blink.


7. The New Smoky Eyes: Colorful

Leave the safety of browns and grays for just a second. Bright, bold peachy-pink shadow is as energizing as a Malibu sunrise.