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6 Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips

Valentine’s Day is all about making a lasting impression – so think beauty and think safe. Here are six V Day beauty tips:

1. Shave your legs:
Make sure your legs are smooth and gorgeous. Especially if you’re wearing a dress or skirt.


2. Shave your face:
Men, the rugged look is all good and well – but women like clean-shaven and fresh.

3. Don’t wax/tweeze:
Do not wax or tweeze any part of your body before your day. Not only could this lead to a major beauty flaw, but could leave you with red blotches, pimples.

4. Stay away from bloating foods:
Don’t eat anything you know bloats just before the date.


5. Have clean nails:
Keep nails clean, short and pretty is the key

6. Brush your teeth:
Make sure you brush your teeth before your date arrives and keep gum or mints with you.