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6 Unusual Places You Should Really Be Applying Your Perfume

From your hair to behind your knees.

If you want your spicy florals or light citruses to stick with you all day long, you have to know all your hot spots, the parts of your body that tend to heat up, as they will help diffuse the fragrance and make you smell good.

Some believe that your strands are an even better vessel for carrying fragrance than your skin – you’ve just got to be careful about application. Instead of misting it directly on your hair, because alcohol dries it out, spritz it on your brush so that it will be dispersed more evenly and subtly.

Behind the Ears

Like your wrists, the areas behind your ears are considered “pulse points,” where the veins are closest to the skin, thus generating more heat and amplifying your scent. Dabbing your fragrance on these points will give you more immediate results.

Down Your Back
It may seem odd, but dabbing fragrance here strikes the perfect balance between giving your fragrance a long shelf life and not having it be too overbearing for those around you. Pull the collar of your top back, and put a blast down your back between clothing and skin. If it’s a light fragrance, do it twice. Your natural movements through the air will diffuse the scent more subtly, it won’t be right in front of you all day so you won’t fatigue to your own perfume as fast, and it will seem more a part of you.

Inside Elbows
Another obscure pulse point. You should note this down: To maximize the diffusion of your fragrance, be sure to moisturize your arms (or any other part of your body) before you spritz on your scent.

Behind Knees
Like the insides of your elbows, the areas behind your knees are pulse points, so it’s the most logical part of your lower limbs.

Belly Button
This is a little trick we stole from Liv Tyler. She puts little drops on her fingers and some under her arms and in the belly button.