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5 tips to make you a smarter shopper

You don’t have to spend lots of money on fashion but still be trendy and stylish with Topshop Topman.

Fashion shopping is becoming an important part of the family and you yourself, as a result spending money for clothing is something you should cleverly think about. Next time you need to do some shopping, think about these 5 tips from Topshop Topman will make you a smart shopper.

1. Best price

For regular bought items like basic tee or underwear, keep an eye on what the price is from store to store as this can fluctuate quite a bit with promotions etc.

For less frequently, bought items like new arrivals, exclusive collection, and then make sure you are a fan of one of the most competitive brand name. Remember though, the cheapest item may have extra charges, such as delivery, so consider this as well.


2. Loyalty card

Whether you are at the street store or on at the department store, you can always pick a loyalty card that will accumulate points/cash with every purchase.


3. Be social


Most well-known brands have a presence on social media. Follow them and look out for special promotions they may mention.


4. Voucher

Using money off vouchers can mean big savings if done correctly. You can normally find them online, printed inside an magazine or they are sent to you through email or phone number if you are signed up.


5. Visit store more usual


As a last ditch attempt to be a savvy shopper, our advice is to visit store more often. If you don’t go to the stores frequently then you will have no idea of the latest trends in the fashion shops, this may lead you to uncontrolled shopping or you will overspend for what you don’t really want.

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