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5 things you need to avoid that just totally ruin a #selfie

Sometimes even the most advanced and heavy duty filters simply cannot save a selfie.  The frustration is real – you’ve spent ages trying to get the right positon, lighting and facial expression and it’s just not working.

Whilst there’s no way to salvage these kinds of selfies (so please stop trying, put the phone down and have a drink. You need it by now)

Drop your phone while attempting to take a selfie
Outing at the beach with bae? Clad in your sexy getup of nautical-theme bikini top and matching bottom, wearing your newest broad-brimmed straw hat and lazing by the seaside is simply not complete without a mandatory selfie! After all, said activity doesn’t happen until it shows up as a hit on people’s social media feeds garnering gazillion likes, right?

What’s worse than not capturing a perfect selfie is dropping your phone into the sea while attempting to take one! Let that dreaded situation never occur with a monopod! It’s easy to use and you can simply affix your phone/camera/GoPro to it. Getting that high-angle flattering shot is also way more achievable now with an adjustable monopod that you can lengthen or shorten as you like.


Have your hands shake during selfie mode

Combat shaky hands that threaten to give you blurry selfies! Use a tripod, compatible with various DSLRs and digital compact cameras, and banish blurry photos due to accidental shaky-hand movements forever!

One such option is the Gorillapod – a type of flexible tripod with legs designed to be bendable. While a traditional tripod only allows you to set up your camera on even, flat surfaces, the Gorillapod is designed for use in all terrains and areas that were previously impossible for the former. The feet of the flexible legs are made with rubberised grips, ensuring stability on any surface. The camera is mounted on top via a secure locking ring, further enhancing stability of both the camera and tripod. Even though the Gorillapod’s legs are flexible and bendable, be rest assured that the tripod will not crumble under the weight of the camera no matter how heavy it may be due to the overall sturdiness of the tripod.

Being flexible and lightweight, its portability also allows you to store the tripod easily in any kind of bag you choose to tote – a sling bag, a women’s carryall or anything really.

Have no monopod to anchor your camera on

Oh, you wonder how selfies and wefies were taken in the era before the monopod – more commonly known as the selfie stick – came about! It is no doubt that the clarity of photos and the quality of selfies have drastically improved with the ubiquitous monopod becoming more and more commonplace. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a monopod. Your neighbour, your colleague, your friend, your brother… all of them has one each. Still don’t have yours yet? Don’t fret, get the monopod here. Let those newfound high-quality selfies on your Instagram feed speak for themselves when the likes just keep coming!


Have no idea / time / space to arrange your position, pose, group

“1, 2, 3, say cheese!” and off goes the shutter… except to capture a picture of your group with some people’s heads half cut-off. Make sure to set your camera on self-timer mode with sufficient time for both the photographer – often, the person who sets the camera on the tripod, clicks the shutter button and is the last person to get in front of the camera – and the group to get ready before the photograph gets captured! Also, it would be good to arrange yourselves accordingly to ensure nobody’s being blocked in the actual shot itself. It would be best to not leave too many spaces in between as well, so gather close together at least just for the duration until the picture is taken! Last but not least, this leads us to the next point…


Be in a bad mood

How on earth are you gonna smile radiantly if you are in a bad mood? You may have had a really bad start to your day and nothing is going your way. Besides the obvious choice of simply choosing not to partake in a selfie or wefie when you’re just not feeling it, you may have to temporarily put aside your emotions if you are needed in the picture. Think of happy moments, and try your best to put on the brightest smile you can manage! A shutter and flash later, your agony will be over. Or perhaps, taking that selfie might have just cheered you up.

Now go ahead, be wild and trigger-happy, click away with all the selfies and wefies you have always wanted to take!