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5 Things Lady Gaga did to get in shape for the Super Bowl


No, she wasn’t born this way — it took some serious work to get that stamina for the big game which the whole world is watching.

1. A ‘Good Luck Diet.’

In the months leading up to the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga took Mariah Carey’s lead and stuck to eating just two things: Champagne and sushi. After fainting while touring in 2016, Gaga follows a pretty strict, healthy diet, choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson told People: “It’s all about salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus and coconut water”.

2. Cardio-Crazy.

Maintaining her stamina meant working out nonstop in the weeks leading up to the big game. Cardio was a huge part of that, or specifically, Versaclimbing (think: A Stair Stepper that works your upper and lower body) while singing.

3. Strength Training

Part of Gaga’s workout routine involved TRX Training, which leverages your body weight instead of lifting dumbbells

4. Occasional Coffee Break.

Gaga Instagrammed a coffee break at Starbucks the month before the Bowl, and Gibson said they’d often toast with a glass of white wine before shows during her world tour.

5. Had Fun With It.

Gaga didn’t log all of her exercise in the gym. She’s made it part of her lifestyle, incorporating regular horse rides, doing toe-touchs, and some cartwheels with her mom into her day-to-day routine.