5 Haircuts You Need To Know About This Summer

You change up your clothes in the summer, so why shouldn’t your hair get the same treatment? Let’s get down to below 5 hair styles recommended by Topman.

High Fade & Slick Back On Top
‘Striking the perfect balance between volume and lightness, this haircut’s high faded sides and back will keep you cool in the heat while the slicked back top maintains volume. But take note: you’ll need to use a pomade to ensure this style holds throughout the day.’

Soft Short Curls
‘Soft short curls are ideal for an effortless, casual summer look. So if you’re lucky enough to have curly hair, grow it out and get your barber to layer it to bring out the texture and definition. Another bonus is this look will give you more freedom when it comes to styling – all you need to do is apply a soft product and let your hair dry naturally.’

High Fade Brush Over
‘Get the best of both worlds this summer with a haircut that’s as lightweight as a fade but has the texture of a longer style. This look is sharp and short on the sides and swept away from the face on the top so you can stay cool in the sun.’

Scissor Cut
‘A quintessentially English look, this classic style lets you keep the length of your hair without it becoming too heavy in the warmer months. This is primarily a scissor cut where the top is longer than the sides which are kept neat and tidy. This suits most guys, especially if you have a slim face.’

Buzz cut
‘Getting a buzz cut in the summer is a no-brainer – it’s a low maintenance look that requires little to no styling and keeps you cool in the heat. It’s extremely flattering on square and oval faces and it can reduce the appearance of a thinning head of hair. Plus, wearing it with stubble or a beard will add a little extra masculinity to the cut.’