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5 Hacks To Make Your Dress Work Day And Night

Got a great party dress you’ve only worn once? Or a day dress you’d like to wear on a night out? To give your dresses the attention they deserve, we enlisted fashion journalist and writer Harriet Verney to share some expert styling tips with us. Keep scrolling to discover five dresses chosen by Harriet, plus what to style them with…

1. “To make a great floral summer dress work for night-time, ditch the basics and team it with a trending corset belt.”



2. “If it’s not exactly a wallflower dress, complete the look with a big pair of earrings and trainers.”



3. “A smarter day dress calls for some cool ankle boots to pare it back.”



4. “A statement, no-effort-required dress does the job for you, so all you need is a pair of trainers.”



5. “A sexy party dress deserves stand-out accessories like glitter tights and platform heels.”