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Hue of red is a special color for holiday season. Wearing red is considered to bring luck and happiness in the upcoming year. Being a warm and powerful color, red pieces become a challenge for fashionistas to combine with other items.

Red and white – feminine and elegant

White color helps to reduce the splendid red but it does not make the outfit less gorgeous.

At New Year family gathering, don’t hesitate to wear red and white outfits which brings the beauty of femine.

A combination of white crop top and red pants would make you shine brightly in a sunny afternoon.

For cold days, let’s dress red trench coat which elevates your style and brighten your look.

To look more energetic, you should mix your outfit with accessories such as sunglasses, boots, denim jacket,…

Red and black – powerful and stylish

Two powerful colors in an outfit will make an head-turning entrance.

The simple way is to mix black blouse with red skirt and vice versa. You can apply this outfit with every tones of red color.

While red hue is attractive and exquisite, black color is about to be cool and strong.

Adding a black leather jacket to your red dress for a fresh style.

Red glowing sequin pants mixing with black cami top at New Year party is such a good idea. Don’t forget to shine with glitter high heels and jewelry.

Red-on-red – attractive and charming

In spring 2019, off-the-shoulder style has come back.

This Tet holiday, red off-shoulder jumpsuits and dresses are highly recommended.

Bright red dress combining with burgundy red accessories is perfect for your Tet outfit choices.

Red accessories

If you feel red clothing is too much for you, choose red accessories.

Your outfit becomes more special with red items like handbags, high heels, belts,…

Especially, polka dot promises to be hot trend this spring 2019.

This festive season, let’s try some  items that have the star of the lunar new year – the pig for a lucky and interesting upcoming year.

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