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3 super popular wellness trends for 2017

It is a global trend out there already, anyway: it is very difficult, even for the most diehard of couch potatoes, who love their Netflix marathons on the couch, to get away without feeling the need to practice some sort of sport, or at least to improve their daily life, by improving their habits.

On a practical level, there are several practices that are becoming more and more widespread within the crazy world of wellness that will become very popular this year. Here are the 3 trends you need to try for 2017: they can only be good for you!

Soup Cleanse

Say goodbye to your juices, or at least say goodbye to that distinct form of torture that makes you drink cold juice during the winter months, without eating anything else. Not everyone lives in California, right? (Greetings from Milan). The idea of actually having something warm makes us happy in this season, and if they help you stay fit, then soups are more than welcome! You can prepare them a few days ahead, and easily bring them to work in your lunchbox. This kind of detox will be helpful for those who worry they would starve with juices only, and as if that weren’t good enough already, it will also allow us to choose from delicious recipes that will satisfy our foodie needs, too! Here is an extra tip: make sure you use homemade broth as a base for your soup, rather than water: this will help reduce inflammation, it will make your soups easier to digest and it will keep your joints healthy, helping them stay functional in a cold climate.


It’s not the first time we mention meditation here, since it was also included in our list of New Year resolutions. Whether you find yourself a guru, or just go for an app, a few minutes of daily meditation can truly be a great gift you give yourself. It doesn’t have to be part of a yoga practice, although of course that would be a very good match – meditation is considered to be a self-healing practice in its own right, nowadays. Consistency is everything, so create reminders that will help you remember to practice everyday. If you have an Apple Watch, you can use their specific notifications that will remind you to stop and breathe, and if you are more into analogue stuff, just put a sticky note on your computer screen. There are no excuses, really: everyone can find 10 minutes to take care of themselves during one day!


This is the kind of yoga celebrities, like Lena Dunham and Gisele Bündchen, to mention two names, really love. Our Instagram feeds are full of acroyoga photos and videos that look like they were shot during circus school classes. This discipline has an edge over others because it is practiced in pairs, leading to improved communication and empathy with your partner. It’s not easy, though, far from it: it requires strong muscles, and body and spatial awareness, too – but it can really give you great aesthetic results!