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27 Stylish and Sophisticated Birthday Party Ideas for adults

No matter how old you’re turning, there’s something special about dedicating one day a year to celebrating with friends, food and—of course—a few cocktails.

1. Encourage your party guests to have a good time with a witty, festive sign.
2. Instead of letting balloons hang, stick them to the wall sans ribbon. Make them look extra cool by blowing them up to different sizes.
3. Trust us, you’re never too old for colored popcorn. The above version uses only three ingredients: Popcorn, vanilla candy, sprinkles.

4. If you aren’t the cooking type, no worries. Have a food truck cater your party!
5. Decorate your own balloons with gold foil and confetti!
6. Instead of setting out flowers in a vase, why not put them in old booze bottles? So cool!
7. If you have a summer birthday, why not throw a traditional New England clambake complete with newspaper tablecloths, corn, and plenty of cold beer.

8. Not crazy about telling your entire party your age? Use an adorable “Lost Count” cake topper!

9. Instead of putting out ho-hum cheese and crackers, opt for mini tacos and tequila.
10. Let’s be honest—no party is complete without a tassel banner.
11. Instead of boring candles in your birthday cake, use mini number or letter balloons on sticks.

12. Did someone say Jell-o shots? And not just any Jell-o shots, but strawberry margarita Jell-o shots. With real strawberries.
13. Order customized napkins—such a fun way to give a party a personal touch.

14. If you’re more of a simple, modern gal, stick with a bold and modern party theme.
15. Guest books are boring. Let your guests go crazy and decorate a wall-sized piece of paper.
16. Mudslide cupcakes are the perfect way to entertain your guests with chocolate and booze.
17. Make your own custom backdrop for photos!
18. Get modern and crafty with this Gold Brushed Balloons tutorial.

19. Standard party candy gets a little more grown-up with these vodka and gummy bear ice pops.

20. Not sure how to design your birthday invites? There are so many options available online that can inspire you.

21. You’ll totally need these Emoji balloons in your life.
22. Don’t be ashamed to send your invites through the web. We love this iPhone party invite.
23. Set up a DIY mimosa bar, complete with cut-up fruit and a variety of juice.

24. Be proud of your age with candles that spell it out.

25. If you can’t rent an actual photo booth, set up a “photo booth” area with special background, and ask people to take turns manning it.

26. Learn to make Champagne Jell-O squares with pop rocks—so chic!
27. Instead of real dessert, set up a candy buffet. That’s what we all really want, anyway, right?