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20 Style Tips On How To Wear One Shoulder Tops

One of the biggest fashion trends of summer 2017 was the off-the-shoulder top, whether it was in shirt, dress, or even bathing suit form. So, it should come as no surprise that the trend has made its way to fall – and that it has evolved (sort of?) into the one shoulder trend, which is also huge this season. I was less than thrilled at this news when I first heard it. Personally, I’ve always been iffy about one shoulder tops – they remind me of gaudy ’80s outfits that you would see in a movie, and I’ve just never been thrilled with them. But in doing research for this piece, which is basically just me trolling Pinterest and Instagram for cute outfits, I realized that the 2016 version of one shoulder tops is pretty freakin’ adorable.

Depending on what you wear them with, one shoulder tops or dresses can be chic and glamorous or more casual and effortless. Either way, though, they come with a little bit of sex appeal. There’s something intriguing about seeing one shoulder, probably because it’s a little unexpected and a different way to ~show some skin.~ This clothing option is great for transitional fall weather, as you probably don’t want to be exposing any of your skin to the elements during the colder winter days. So, want to get in on this fashion trend and try something new? Here are a few ways to wear one shoulder tops and dresses, with plenty of outfit ideas to inspire you. Long live the ’80s?

1. Keep things simple by wearing a casual one shoulder top with jeans and a pair of heels. This look can work for almost anything you’re doing. Swap out the heels to be more comfy!



2. To hold onto summer, tuck your one shoulder top into high waisted shorts.



3. Or keep things more fall appropriate and wear your one shoulder top with high waisted pants or trousers. You can also knot it in front like this girl did.



4. A one shoulder top is a great way to show off a necklace. Choose a thick choker for a throwback vibe.



5. Make your look more feminine by picking a top with a big bow on one side.



6. A one shoulder dress is so elegant and classy. Pick something loose for a more boho vibe that can be dressed up or down.



7. “Create” your own one shoulder top by buying a loose tee and letting one side fall down your arm. This is such an easy outfit with jeans and a pair of sneakers.



8. A one shoulder top with a giant ruffle is a cool statement piece. Tuck it into a suede skirt for a cute fall outfit.



9. Choose a one shoulder top with a thin strap on one side for something slightly unexpected.



10. A one shoulder jumpsuit is ridiculously cool and ~on trend.~ Wear it with a choker and a pair of heels for a fancy night out.



11. Opt for a one shoulder top with one long sleeve and one, well, no sleeve. A slim fitting top looks perfect tucked into boyfriend jeans.



12. Little scarves tied around your neck are another up and coming trend. Wear one with a one shoulder top or dress since they put an emphasis on your neck area already.



13. A one shoulder dress always looks super classy and very glamorous. Pick a fancy one shoulder dress for your next big event and put your hair in a bun to really show it off.



14. Pick a shirt with a cute embellishment on the shoulder side, like these feminine ruffles.



15. A roomy one shoulder sweater is cozy and comfy and perfect for fall.



16. Make your own one shoulder top with an off the shoulder top that isn’t too snug around the neck line. Just tuck one side under your armpit, and BAM – you’re there.



17. Add a long statement necklace to a simple one shoulder top.



18. Or opt for big statement earrings since they’ll be totally on display.


19. Try some fall layering by wearing a loose one shoulder tee over a colorful tank top or bralette.



20. A tight A-line one shoulder dress is so chic. Wear it with heels and a clutch for a fancy event, or ankle boots for something more casual.


Which one of these outfit ideas is your favorite? How do you wear a one shoulder top? Share in the comments!