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2 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Glitter This Holiday


Looking for a grown-up way to wear glitter this holiday? Here are two cool-girl-approved looks for Christmas that are not only super easy to apply but pretty, too.


1. Bling Brow-To:
1. After applied your foundation and blush, use a pointed makeup brush dipped in a clear, water-based liquid and apply directly underneath your brow, following the natural shape.
2. With the same pointed brush, dip it into finely milled glitter and apply over the clear liquid you painted on in step one.

3. Repeat steps one and two on the other brow.
4. Layer on some mascara.
5. Swipe a light pink pop of color onto your lips.

6. Top with a touch of highlighter.
7. Line your lips with a deeper shade to create a slight ombré effect.

2. Super-Sparkly Cat-Eye Tutorial:
1. Top your eyelid with a neutral shadow that adds a subtle sheen. After your foundation is flawlessly applied, choose a base shadow that is close to your skin color and has a touch of shimmer to it.
2. Using a pointy makeup brush, carefully line your eye with creamy black liner. Starting at the center of your eye, gently drag the brush’s tip toward the outer corner of your eye, winging it for a cat-eye effect.

3. Lay down a clear liquid base and top it with glitter. Line the skin underneath your lower lash line, extending the liquid to mimic the cat-eye shape.

4. Sweep on a berry lip.

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