15 movies for your significant Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special occasion for family gathering spending their significant time together. Those movies below will bring festive atmosphere to you and your beloved ones.

1. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


Although it tops most classic Christmas movie lists, Miracle on 34th Street actually opens at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When Kris Kringle must stand in for an inebriated Santa Claus in the annual extravaganza, he finds a newfound career as New York’s most popular holiday icon – until his sanity comes into question when he starts claiming really is Santa.

2. Alice’s Restaurant (1969)

Based on the song of the same name by Arlo Guthrie, the film follows the melee that ensure when Guthrie (playing himself) and his friends are arrested for littering after Thanksgiving dinner.

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

This 25- minute animated classic follows the Turkey Day traditions and festivities of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew.

4. The Big Chill (1983)

When a diverse group of friends reunite at the funeral of their close colleges friends, they reminisce about old times – including a Thanksgiving feast – and deal with feelings of regret, insecurity and disillusionment. The star-studded cast includes JoBeth Williams, Glenn Close, William Hurt, Tom Berenger, Meg Tilly and Kevin Kline.

5. Hannah and her sisters (1986)

Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest start as Hannah (Farrow) and her younger sisters Lee (Hershey) and Holly (Wiest), who come together (along with a lot of emotional baggage) for Thanksgiving three years in a row.

6. Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (1987)

On his trip home to Chicago for Thanksgiving, Neal Page (Steven Martin) is rerouted through rural Kansas because of a surprise snowstorm. When he’s forced to seek refuge with Del Griffith (John Candy), the two weather the holiday travel madness together.

7. Dutch (1991)

When Dutch (Ed O’Neill) offers to drive his girlfriend’s pretentious son (Ethan Embry) from his Atlanta prep school to Chicago for Thanksgiving, a curious friendship is born.

8. Scent of a Woman (1992)

When Charlie (Chris O’Donnell) agrees to look after Frank (Al Pacino) – a blind, hardheaded, retired Army colonel – over Thanksgiving, he’s whisked away to New York for a weekend of extravagance. Pacino earned the Oscar for Best Actor for this drama.

9. Grumpy old men (1993)

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau star as neighbor and former friends who harbor a long-standing rivalry. When a woman (Ann-Margaret) arrives in the neighborhood during the holidays and catches both men’s eyes, they continue their competition – this time for her hand.

10. Home for the Holidays (1995)

When Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) returns to her hometown for Thanksgiving, her quirky family quickly reminds her why she left in the first place.

11. The ice storm (1997)

There’s drama in the Hood family: Ben (Kevin Kline) is cheating on Elena (Joan Allen) with their neighbor, Janey (Sigourney Weaver); Elena’s dissatisfied with her career, and daughter Wendy (Christian Ricci) is experimenting with sex with Janey’s sons (Elijah Wood and Adam Hann-Byrd) while son Paul (Tobey Maguire) is in love with a classmate at boarding school. Both families’ dramas comes together under one roof when a storm snows them in over Thanksgiving weekend in this Ang Lee film.

12. You’ve got mail (1998)

When booksellers Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) meet in an anonymous chat room, they quickly fall into an e-romance. Little do they know they actually know each other – as business rivals, no less.

13. Pieces of April (2003)

When April Burns (Katies Holmes) learns her mother (Patricia Clarkson) has breast cancer, she and her boyfriend invite her estranged family into their New York apartment for Thanksgiving. When the rest of the family has travel delays, April must prepare the meal and festivities with the help of her neighbor.

14. Funny People (2009)

When George Simmons (Adam Sandler), a retired and wealthy stand up comedian, is diagnosed with leukemia, he decides to mentor and up-and-coming comic (Seth Rogen).

15. Tadpole (2000)

Oscar Grubman (Aeron Stanford) is the ultimate ladies’ man – he can quote classic literature, speaks French and can woo any woman – despite the fact the he’s, well, 15 years old and on Thanksgiving break form his prep school. Bebe Neuwirth, Sigourney Weaver, John Ritter and Kate Mara also star in this romantic comedy.