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15 Hot Dudes That Proved 2016 Was The Year Of Thirst


From famous to non-famous, here is the list of 15 hot guys around the world that most likely to have made your year wonderful.

1. Phil Duncan

Depsite his mad love for pizza, Phil Duncan still be able to keep those six-packs firm. He is also a travel-lover.

2. Lee MinWei

If you are not planning going to Singapore, consider it ‘cause most likely you will bump into this guy at Changi Airport. A lot of people have come the airport just to meet him, even the official Facebook account of Changi Airport helped “fans” finding him better by locate him for them.

3. Zachary Howell

This perhaps the most handsome Harry Potter-look-alike.

4. Paul Mason

From Mexico to Canada, this “Santa Claus” Paul Mason has made Christmas hotter than ever.

5. Dr. Evan Antin

Evan Antin is a vet, a model and a personal trainer. Antin said that he believes the bond between humans and animals “is one of the most special things on the planet.” How can a man be this hot?

6. Dr. Mikhail Varshavski

Last November, he was named People’s “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in their annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.

7. Hua Vi Van

The man in every woman’s dreams is aproaching 40 but still slays his charisma.

8. Harry Lu

Harry Lu is one of the most popular “hot guys” in Viet Nam, thanks to his mix-race. Recently, he started in a movie called “4 years, 2 guys, 1 love” with a romantic, student look.

9. Huynh Anh

Huynh Anh is the first generation of hot guys in Viet Nam; however, he’s not doing much work lately. Inspite of that, a lot of people still talking about him. In a recent show, his girlfriend Hoang Anh, she is a runner-up in a Miss Vietnam contest, talked about love among people and Huynh Anh had showed up as a support for her; therefore, everyone at set that day were extermely emotional because of this.

10. Yang Yang

His work in “Love you at first sight” has brought Yang Yang so much fame, on his acting skills and also hit hotness.

11. Ji Chang Wook

Famous by killer characters, actor Ji Chang Wook has proved that 2016 is his year.

12. Park Bo Gum

Actor Park Bo Gum is the prince of our dreams.

13. Rocker Nguyen

Singing, acting, cooking, modeling, intelligent,… there is nothing that Rocker Nguyen cannot accomplish.

14. Travis Deslaurier

Speaking of cat-lover, Travis Deslaurier is one of the most cat-loving person. He even tattooed his cat on his arm. This cat-and-hotness couple workout and taking video clip regularly together.

15. Young Joe Biden

Vice President of hotness.