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13 Habits Of A Stylish Man

When being stylish is something you do effortlessly, it means you’ve reached a level of mastery.

No man (even if they claim it) is born stylish.

As with anything it’s something you become.

But what are the habits stylish men adhere too?

Here are the 13 habits of a stylish man, how many have you mastered?

They’re confident in what they wear 


Confidence is the key element to looking good. Sure you may just purchased a tailor made suit but how do you feel wearing it? A stylish man never neglects comfort in return of looking good. If he doesn’t feel comfortable in his clothes it will show. He knows who he is, how he dresses and he’s confident in whatever he wears.


Everything he wears fits


Fit is the number 1 fundamental to good style. No piece of ill fitting clothing, no matter how much you spend on it will make you look as good as a well fitted item of clothing. 

From the denim they wear, the T-shirts, the sports jackets… everything fits to compliment their body type. A stylish man is a perfectionist in terms of the clothing they own, making sure the trouser break falls perfectly or the shirt cuffs end precisely in the right position. They understand the theory of how clothing should fit and everything they own follows that theory.


He knows less is more


There’s nothing beneficial about a wardrobe filled with 100’s of garments. Less is more in the eyes of a stylish man. Dressing well is all about investing in quality over quantity and keeping things timeless allow you to get more from less. 

3 classic, well fitting shirts in white, pale blue and navy trump 12 shirts you bought in the sale that don’t fit. He also knows the importance of simplicity, never overdoing it with color combinations, accessories and layering.


They’re not afraid to spend money on quality


Following a timeless style they’re not afraid to invest in quality garments. A well manufactured, well fitted $200 sports jacket is going to last longer (and save more money in process) than a badly sports jacket on sale for $35. They know quality when they see it and understand the difference between Merino Wool and Cashmere.


He has a wardrobe built around his lifestyle


A stylish man knows how he dresses and he builds a wardrobe around it. Of course it would be great to own a number of suits and wear them daily but if that doesn’t suit your lifestyle what’s the point?

If you work in a creative position where the dress code is typically more casual than smart donning a three piece suit everyday isn’t necessary. Mastering the smart/casual look and building your wardrobe around that lifestyle would be more beneficial than buying a number of 3 piece suits because James Bond wears them. Define your style and build your wardrobe around your lifestyle.


His wardrobe is organized 
When you look at a stylish man’s wardrobe does it look cluttered? Does anything look out of place? A stylish man keeps his wardrobe organized, everything has a place and he utilizes the habit of “less is more”. From shoes neatly stored to ties and accessories being neatly put away, a stylish man has a wardrobe that is organized and would make anyone with OCD proud.


They don’t brag about how good they look? 


Ever heard someone say “how good do I look in this shirt?”. A stylish man knows his place, he’s confident in what he wears but he’ll never brag about how good he looks. They know their style is better than others but they never verbally express it. There’s no room for arrogance.


They look after their clothes
Ironing is for women? Try telling a stylish man that. A single crease will look out of place on their dress shirt, a stain will effect the whole outfit and a scuff on their Oxfords needs taking care of. From washing and drying correctly to the way the items are hung up a stylish man knows what’s on the care label of their clothing.


They clear out unused/ worn clothing 
To keep on top of an organized wardrobe a stylish man isn’t afraid to clear out unused/ worn clothing. The typical man often hoards his wardrobe with things he doesn’t really wear anymore and let’s them simply collect dust. No stylish man will wear something for 6 months and still have in his possession. Jean battered? Shoes looking worn? If they can’t be salvaged they’re gone.


They know the rules (but aren’t afraid to break them)


Navy or black? Tie length too long? A stylish man knows the rules to play by but they’re not afraid to break them. “Sprezzatura” is originally an Italian tern, which would best translate as a sort of beautiful dishevelment, the art of nonchalance and perfect imperfection combining. In a style context, it’s giving the impression that an outfit has been put together without a conscious effort. 9 times out of 10 a stylish man will abide by the rules but they know the correct moments to break them.


They pay attention to the finer details


A stylish man is a perfectionist and understands the importance of the finer details. From choosing a pocket square that compliments his outfit to the way it’s folded he knows the finer details are what makes him stand out from the rest. The fabric, colors, accessories, tie knot, pocket square fold, shirt sleeve roll.. every finer details counts.


Workout clothes stay at the gym


Of course a stylish man needs to keep in shape but they also know that workout clothes are solely for the gym. Don’t head to the coffee shop wearing your workout clothes to meet your friends after a heavy session at the gym. Sure it’s “comfortable” but workout clothes are solely for the gym.


They know it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed


Last but not least they always tip towards “overdressed” than “underdressed”. You never know who you’re going to meet. A future business partner, an old friend and even a future wife. Don’t be afraid to overdress and be the dress in the room. Just make sure you do it with confidence. Style should be effortless.