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10 things to say to your mom while you still have the chance

You mom may not know when Mother’s Day is, she may even doesn’t know this day exists. But you should not forget to express how much you love her.

Of course for every one of us, each day is a Mother’s Day, every day is the day you show how much you love your mom despite sometimes you may disagree or argue with her. After all, the greatest woman in your life will feel so happy with every little thing you do for her. Below is the 10 sayings you should say more frequent to make your mom happy.

1. Thank you!
You can never say this enough. The list of things moms do for you is endless.

2. Can you write that down?
From household tips to family stories, the list of things my mom told me, that I’ve now forgotten, is huge. I wish I’d thought to ask her to write it down.

3. What is your recipe for Phở?
No one makes it quite like mom. You will crave it, your family will ask you for it, so make sure her signature recipe is handed down in writing.

4. Tell me about the day I was born, again.
Hearing the story, you can’t help but feel like the most wonderful thing to ever come into your mom’s life.

5. Let’s date with me, mom!
You usually spend time with your BFFs but you have forgotten that your mom used to ignore all of her gangs just to walk you out. Let’s ask her out, go shopping with her, buy her new clothes, taste all the best and enjoy great time together.

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6. Let me do the dishes!
In fact, you should ask for a help anything you can, this is one of the most appreciated gifts you’ll ever give to a mother. She will be so proud knowing that you have grown up and can assist her with lots of things.

7. I’m sorry!
Over the years, you’ll inconvenience your mom, disobey her, embarrass her and even hurt her. It’s a good thing to acknowledge her patience and unconditional love.

8. May I have a hug?
Don’t shy away from physical affection. No one will ever hold you like your mother.

9. You’re beautiful!
Women never tire of hearing this, yet somehow never believe it. You will realize how young she will be with that simple spell. Let’s help you mom feel the same way by updating her wardrobe with fine and elegant pieces. Small tip: Dorothy Perkins is where to find all you need, both for mom and you.

10. I love you, no matter what!
In the end, moms are just like us. They want to know love is all embracing and unconditional.