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10 things every girl obsessed with Christmas knows

Christmas is all about partying, lights, sparkles, food, family, friends, and having the best time ever! And if you’re one of those girls who love Christmas as much as Miss Selfridge, you’ve been counting down the days since October…

1. As soon as Halloween is over, the lights are coming on.

2. Christmas Jumper Day is not to be taken lightly – a fundraising campaign organised by charity Save the Children.

3. Tactics must be used to survive the dreaded Christmas Dinner Shop.

4. It’s the time to go out every weekend. And most weekdays too. Dancing shoes at the ready!

5. There are a few Grinch’s about, but a little Christmas spirit might just get them in the party mood, right?

6. The time for Christmas carols is every day, all day, starting in November.

7. All we do is eat.

8. Your tree is the best and nothing can convince you otherwise.

9. While everyone else is freaking out over shopping, you’re chill – you’ve had all your presents sorted for aaages.

10. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!