10 Hairstyles for Holiday Party Season


A magnificent look at year-end parties requires both an impressive dress and make-up style, including a delicate hairstyle. Below are 10 hairstyles that never go out of style.

1. Pin It


Even the messiest bun can get a posh upgrade from a few sparkly bobby pins. Extra points are given for coordinating your lipstick with your accessories.

2. Crown Braid

Jessica Hart’s crown braid is one of those effortlessly elegant updos that says stylish, not stuffy.

3. Baby buns

If you are a effortless chic, mini bun is “your soulmate”. All you have to do secure the top center section of your crown into a miniature bun, then take a curling rod to the rest.

4. Voluminous chignon

A voluminous chignon is a mark for femininity and ladies’ looks. This hairstyle goes with just about everything, from natural makeup all the way to look-at-me red lips.

5. Perfect Ponytail

A tightly tied ponytail (paired with a swipe of black liner) is the best way to transform day-old looks into a perfect party style.

6. Silky Straight

Even though straight hair is a classic one, this hairstyle doesn’t go with anyone. These center-parted pin straight strands require a flat iron and some “It Girl” attitude.

7. High Glamour

The famous fashion blogger Alexa Chung is always a great inspiration for every women. She is the one who brought back the bob hairstyle that rocks our world. Moreover, she even added some details into the hair: create a side part, set with hot rollers like the 20s, brush out, apply plenty of hair spray.

8. In Bloom

Take inspiration from Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2017 beauty look by decorating an ordinary knot with this modern take on a flower crown.

9. Soft and Sexy

For a look you can style before work and easily touch up 12 hours later, try Jamine Tooks’, the model who wears Victoria’s Secrets’ this year Fancy Bra, undone waves. This style will help you look even more feminine and glamourous.

10. Get Low

In this Fall/Winter season, the Victorian inspiration is coming back. Therefore, you should try this style: wrap a low ponytail with an on-trend velvet rope for probably the coolest and easiest holiday style ever. There is nothing can say Victorian than a velvet rope for your hair.