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10 Essentials to update your wardrobe for spring

Get your style up to date with these key pieces.

A lot of the time, ‘trends’ kind of feel like b******t. It’s either some marketing guy putting a naff name on something everyone has been doing for years or that same marketing guy trying to put a name on a bunch of things nobody wants to wear. Problem with this is it means a lot of us are avoiding good clothes for no good reason. That’s why we’ve written this guide: if you want to be on trend without having to read an 800 word thinkpiece on the history of ‘officecore’ (that really exists, look it up), then just check out these short and sweet explanations and cop the essential pieces for your spring wardrobe.

Moskva Skate

This is where the Eastern Bloc meets East London – think Cyrillic lettering, bleached denim and reworked streetwear coming together for a hard-edged trend that’s elevating skater style. Work this rough and ready look into your wardrobe on the sly with a bit of distressed denim or take it to the next level with a spliced shirt.


Korean Spring

This is spring style seen through Seoul’s neon lens, a combination of vibrant pops of colour, clean silhouettes and off-kilter graphics. If you’re looking to make the difficult move from deep winter to warm weather a bit easier, these vibrant and lightweight designs will let you make the transition with ease. 

Next level Streetwear

Streetwear has been in menswear’s mainstream for a while now so it’s only natural that designers were going to start pushing the boundaries this season. The evolution of streetwear is clear to see in our American-designed AAA SS17 collection which combines modern silhouettes with premium fabrics. Harness this progressive New York street style with wide leg trousers and oversized outerwear. 

Hyper Real

Wearing colour isn’t easy. Navy, black, grey and white are the backbone of pretty much every guy’s wardrobe so rushing out and buying a bunch of colourful shit doesn’t feel all that appealing all that often. That’s where Hyper Real comes in: it lets you keep your aesthetic as is by introducing colour to it through some carefully chosen vivid accessories.



Tech Sport

‘Athleisure’ is a horrible word but a great trend. Working technical fabrics into your look isn’t new but the way we’re styling it is – think tracksuit bottoms with a funnel neck or a knitted half-zip top. If you’re going to try this out this spring, it’s as easy as buying tracksuit bottoms and a lightweight bomber.