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10 Acne-Causing Behaviors You Didn’t Even Know You Were Doing

Skincare is more about constantly preventing pimples than reacting to them. So, how do you do that? By constantly keeping your skin free of dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

1. Take time once a week to wash your brushes the right way. 

Take your time to clean your brushes thoroughly will definitely equal less bacteria and acne. Wash brushes used to apply cream products more often those used to apply powder.

2. Sleep on a silk pillowcase rather than a cotton one.


Silk = slip, cotton = friction, and friction on your skin can result in irritation which can lead to acne flareups

3. Stash hand sanitizer in your purse to keep your screen clean.


When you’re constantly on the phone, you press your device up against your face and the warmth from it, combined with your own body heat, can brew together the bacteria, oil, and dirt on your skin, causing a pretty patch of pimples.

4. If you’re a huge fan of talking on the phone, use headphones.


If you’re smashing your phone into your skin while talking to BFF, you’re gonna press bacteria into your pores and get pimples. Use headphones to keep cheek breakouts at bay.

5. Keep your brushes in their own case.


This keeps the hairs intact longer, and prevents your brushes from having a bacteria party with whatever is lining the bottom of your bag.

6. Use a clean cotton swab to scoop formulas out of a jar.


This keeps outside germs from getting inside your formulas and ultimately prevents you from breaking out even more.

7. Don’t use body products on your face.


If your skin is sensitive and the facial lotion you typically use is oil- and fragrance-free. You can reach for a super-scented, thicker body lotion in hopes of achieving the same hydrating results.

8. Don’t let your friends use your makeup.


This sounds mean but it is an important friendly reminder not to share your makeup or brushes unless you want to also share bacteria with others.

9. Style your hair before applying your makeup


Styling your hair after you’ve applied a fresh face of makeup can result in two things: (1) sweating while wearing a full face of makeup can cause your look to separate. (2) The heat from the dryer can cause the styling products to travel from your strands onto your skin, causing you to break out.

10. Skip formulas that contain fragrance.


So if you’re someone whose skin is super sensitive to fragrance, it could be the very reason your skin gets red, irritated, and possibly breaks out.